Presidential Dad




  1. Lynda (Belle)

    Hi! Not being the world’s best techie, it took me a while to find the blog after I sort of deleted it but I am loving the pictures of my darling brother. Sounds like you are having fun. Keep blogging.

  2. Debbie

    Oh my gosh!! It looks and sounds like you two are having a great time!! We need to see pics of Amy also. And maybe you could get someone to take a picture of both of you together – it would certainly make it to a frame on the “family picture wall” at our house.
    Why didn’t I know about this wordpress thing?? I see Lynda knows, Granny emailed it me AND taught me how to use it. Incredible. I miss you both and now I’ll be able to see how your day is going! Drive safe and continue having a great father – daughter time.

  3. Debbie

    So, maybe my comment will be posted and maybe it won’t – may have to call Granny for additional training. At the beginning of my post it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”. What does that mean – is it kindly telling me to keep my comments brief

    • bk2pdx

      it’s a double check so that weird strangers aren’t leaving comments. when you first leave a comment, I have to approve it but once I approve it you can leave comments immediately.

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