Day 5 Complete

Woke up in Gillette, WY, to the first bit of weather we’ve seen thus far (even counting my drive to Texas from Brooklyn). The clouds were just moving in but we got moving before drops began to fall. The best thing about the rain was that it helped to wash all the bugs off the windshield. Well done rain!

We drove I-90 to the Montana border and crossed into the Crow Indian Reservation. Immediately after crossing into Montana, we were both struck by how green the land suddenly was. About 40 miles later, we were at Little Bighorn Battlefield. We spent over 2.5 hours there, from looking through the small museum to driving out the 4.5 mile road and working our way chronologically back to the site of Custer’s last stand. The entire site was blanketed by a cel phone audio tour – you call a number and enter your current site number and you would hear even more information about what was happening at the time. It was incredible. You’d think that finding cellular service in the middle of a battlefield in Montana would be problematic but reception was better than at D&D’s house. Really.

I took no pictures.

I went into Little Bighorn with a history lesson from dad the day before, and a passing familiarity with the name of Custer. Those 2.5 hours passed SO fast and now I’m starting to do the math on how many battlefields I could’ve been exploring on the east coast.

Just outside of the reservation, we stopped for Montana brochures. Turns out….not so much in Montana but my god is it beautiful. There’s lots of dinosaur stuff around Bozeman but after spending 2.5 hours wandering the battlefield, if we were to explore dinosaurs we wanted to be outside digging for them. There’s lots of mining in and around Butte but, again, we wanted more than just a museum. So instead of getting excited about future destinations, we enjoyed the journey and HOLY COW the mountains showed up. We crossed the Continental Divide and are now officially in the wild west. We saw some hellacious rocks and mountains and have plenty ahead of us yet to cross.

Still not entirely sure what the plan is for tomorrow’s destination but bedtime is fast approaching.


One comment

  1. granny

    I feel like I am right there by your side,it sounds so great.Thanks for all,leaving early for eye appointment
    love you

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