Day 6 Complete

Woke up in Butte, Montana, with a tentative plan for finding a ghost town. Like, a real ghost town. I found a spot just west of Spokane called Govan so we headed off yet again.

Now. A word about this cat of mine. She’s been incredibly good on the road this entire time. She has several spots within the car that are furred to within an inch of their lives and are thus acceptable for feline napping. She doesn’t try to escape when the door is open. She even uses the box while rolling (most impressive).

Last night (or, to be more specific, this morning at 2:45), I think she lost her mind a little bit. She spent about an hour trying to shimmy the mirror off the wall. Finally we turned the lights on, and she proceeded to sit at the foot of my bed and go to sleep.

This evening we pulled into Pasco, WA, got unpacked and settled in, and she went immediately to the mirror to test its hinges. I’m planning to build a wall of bags in front of the mirror and, on Debbie’s brilliant recommendation, leave the light on in the bathroom (after all, it *is* a Motel 6 and they’re all about that).

Right, so. Back to today. Started heading for the ghost town when I had a brainstorm about tomorrow. Changed our route slightly to allow for driving THROUGH Portland tomorrow, to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Cheese Tour! We’ll get to the Pacific Ocean (a journey containing mighty plains and mighty mountains must conclude with a mighty ocean), have some cheese curds (finally), and plan to roll into Portland for good early afternoon.

That’s the plan. If Scully goes mental again in the wee hours, we may show up light a kitten.



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