Yowling and Growling

The girls have been let loose upon one another. We arrived into Portland on Friday with a fairly shell-shocked Scully more than happy to relax in the office for a couple of days, and a Creature very interested in all these wonderful new smells we were bringing into her home. Kinda. Dad got a whirlwind tour of Portland centered quite heavily around food, which led to a last supper of salad on Saturday night before flying out early Sunday.

Lots of boxes everywhere means each room is a bit of a maze and every corner might possibly hide a kitty from another kitty’s view. Both cats have been confused by hearing the other one but not being able to locate her. This is most amusing for the humans. Scully’s M.O. is a lot of hissing and a wonderfully low and nearly constant growl when Creature is within eyeshot. Creature skips all the dramatics and goes straight for the fully operational battlecat, you-may-fire-when-ready yowl. We keep waiting for the violence but so far there’s been no real interaction. All talk, no action. After two days of having carefully guarded sessions of being in the same room with one another, they’re allowed free reign together as long as someone is home. Lots of talking, lots of focused eye contact. We haven’t yet left them together at night, but maybe in a couple of days. All in all I’d say they’re doing very well. Scully’s on new turf and she’s perfectly submissive, even in spite of all the growling. Creature is tracking Scully’s every move, even to the point of occasionally cornering her, but they still are able to deal with each other without resorting to violence.

I kinda wish they’d resort to violence already to get it over with.


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