Day of the Bagel

So I may have mentioned a brief thingy the last time I made bagels. I think it went something like this: I made bagels but didn’t take pictures of them so nyah nyah, Ima go eat ’em all up already, NO BAGEL FOR YOU.

Or something like that.

This time I took pictures. The recipe I’m using (I honestly forget where I grabbed it) wants a sponge made the night before: equal parts flour and water and the yeast. This means that when you wake up and stumble downstairs to the yowls of kittens wasting away after an entire evening with no food, you are presented with this monstrosity:

Here’s a tip – don’t remove the plastic and immediately stick your nose into the bowl and inhale deeply. This bowl is RIPE.

Next step is to add the rest of the ingredients – honey (used agave instead because it’s what I had), malt syrup (which is step 1 of 3 to making bagels taste like bagels), more flour, salt, aaand I think that’s all. Beat it up for a nice long while til it’s beautiful and smooth and slightly out of focus.

Oh, did I mention that half the bagels will be scallion? Yeah. So there’s that happening as well.

Next you boil them (step 2) in water with a bit of baking soda (step 3) before baking. As with all bread you should wait for it to cool before eating but, I ask you, how is that possible when they look like this:

You see the one in the very top left corner? The one that looks like an actual bagel? I know what I did to make it look like that. This means that, with 16 fresh bagels in the house still cooling on racks, I’m already planning to make them again.



    • bk2pdx

      he likes all the traditional pig parts and has so far liked the alternate parts of the pig i’ve made for him 🙂

  1. Lynda (Belle)

    You are quite the baker-I’m not surprised but am impressed. Takes a lot of patience…and then there is the clean-up.
    That said, my kids will tell you that anything worth doing is ……

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