Ciabatta Seconda

Today’s version of ciabatta comes from Wild Yeast, a fantastically detailed all-things-yeast site. My favorite part of the site is the constant talk about technique with plenty of visual explanation. 95% of bread is timing and technique and this site understands.

So. On to things. The most dramatic part of following this recipe is just how wet it is at all times. Knowing the basics of baking allowed me to add more flour than called for after step 4 but even then the dough would’ve crawled all over the place if it left the container. I’m curious to learn the exact rising properties of different levels of hydration vs amounts of yeast – does ciabatta get those windowpanes from internal steaming? Fascinating. After 4 hours of refrigerated rising, she went from 2 liters to this animal:

After further rising over night, I woke up to rest the dough to room temp, gently stretch and cut/shape for a final rise. And, you know, start my day and all that.

When I nail ciabatta, I will buy myself some proper shaping tools instead of constantly making homeless french artist bread that just lays all over the place looking ridiculously gorgeous.

But that day is not today. The bread is tasty and slightly chewy but the crumb isn’t right. However, I think this is the recipe to try again because it’s the closest I’ve come thus far. Maybe without the flour I thought it needed? And also maybe halved because right now I have 7 medium loaves of ciabatta seconda.


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